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ThetaHealing Planes Of Existence


Planes of Existence Seminar: The planes of existence are the fountains of the ThetaHealing® philosophy on which all Theta Healing classes are based on. Dive into the planes of existence and learn how to use them on an even deeper level.

In this ThetaHealing class you will learn:

  • A wonderful technique that will connect you to all planes in a soft and easy way.
  • A higher form of communication.
  • Travel through space and time.
  • Re-connect you to your own inner abilities.
  • Learn more about the laws that influence the universe and All There Is.
  • For a life in fulfillment and ease.


Through recognizing the structures of the planes of existence, Vianna was shown that it is possible to create new realities in this life. 

The planes of existence are the basics for the field of quantum mechanics and metaphysics. In this class, you will be brought to dimensions that will lead out of this universe, there where life itself began.

You will go on a journey, out of this universe to learn that it is possible to connect to the divine energy faster than light speed, by being in theta-wave before it can manifest into something in this universe.


Kati Mekler is Theta Healing Master ThetaHealing Certificate of Science.

She helps other healers to built a successful healing-business and supports women to help find their true potential.

Kati is ThetaHealing Certificate of Science and gave over 2’080 erfolgreiche ThetaHealing coachings in the last 12 month and teached Theta Healing to more than 200 participants.



Date: 01/06/2020
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Cost: €995



Innenstadt, Nähe Bahnhof
Zürich, 8002

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Kati Mekler – ThetaHealing Certificate of Science
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