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3 day class

The class for more wealth, happiness and love. Reach your goals and dreams with ease and pure joy. 

Learn everything about how to make your wishes, dreams and goals become reality. Learn from the queen of manifestations, who knows how to manifest a luxury car, the right soulmate or a monthly income. Learn from someone, who lives what she teaches.

In this class you will learn how to use ThetaHealing to focus on the realization of your personal dreams and wishes. Learn how to change beliefs in a way to manifest wealth, love, health and success in your life. For abundance from the in- and outside.

We look deeply into what you would like to create and identify the blocks that keep it away from you. We also will find out how much wealth, love and success you allow yourself to have and what it needs for you to allow yourself the life you truly want.

What you will learn in the Manifesting & Abundance Class

  • We will look at what you want to manifest in your life
  • You will learn how to manifest out of theta-state into all areas of your life to create abundance and prosperity
  • Learn about the Do’s and Don’ts to manifest successfully
  • Release all blockages that hold you back from living the life you ever wanted
  • We go and look for negative beliefs and replace them with new, positive beliefs that bring you closer towards your goals
  • You will learn about your life purpose with ease and love
  • You will receive many new downloads, which you will need to reach your goals and wishes
  • We look at the 5 steps that help to bring a manifestation into reality.

The class for more fulfillment, joy, love and success in life.



Kati Mekler is Theta Healing Master ThetaHealing Certificate of Science.

She helps other healers to built a successful healing-business and supports women to help find their true potential.

Kati is ThetaHealing Certificate of Science and gave over 2’080 erfolgreiche ThetaHealing coachings in the last 12 month and teached Theta Healing to more than 200 participants.

August 03 2020


Date: 03/08/2020
Time: 10:00 - 16:00
Cost: CHF650


Kati Mekler – ThetaHealing Certificate of Science
Website: Visit Organizer Website