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ThetaHealing DNA 3 Class


Discover your full potential. Awaken the power of creation within you.
The ThetaHealing DNA 3 class is for those, who use ThetaHealing® for a while and want to intensify the wonders that become possible every day. For everyone, who wants to reach the next level.

The ThetaHealing DNA 3 class will help you with your spiritual growth. You will learn how to get into your power faster and to discover the blockages that are still holding you back from shining your own inner light. Are you ready to shine?

As soon as you completed the ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy class, you healed and released deeply related issues. So you are ready for the next level: DNA 3. Go on a 5-day journey deep inside yourself and at the same time connect with the world, the universe and All There Is.

ThetaHealing DNA 3 Class with Kati Mekler

This awaits you in the wonderful journey:


Awaken your 3 eternal molecules

  • In every incarnation we bring with us our eternal molecules.
  • Learn how to use them and how you can activate, align and harmonize them.
  • We practice exercises to activate, align and harmonize the eternal molecules each day, so you can use them in your daily life.

Healing belief-work:

  • Deep sessions of belief-work, deep digging in your subconscious to resolve old drama and resentment. The more resentment we resolve, the more light you will receive.
  • Learn to let go of the fear of your own potential. So you are able to live it.
  • Discover yourself: Learn how to make the impossible – possible.


Become one with the light of creation – for effective healing:

  • Discover and learn the process of expansion in a new way.
  • Learn how to enter the space of another person, as light to facilitate changes and healing more easy and in a faster way.
  • Learn how to work with mitochondria to witness instant healing.
  • Learn how to spiritually bi-locate – that means to be in two places at the same time and how you can use this in your daily life.
  • Lucid dreaming – dream clearly. Be conscious about dreaming.


The 6. planes of existence: How you can work with the laws

  • With which law are you connected the most? Find out?
  • What are your elements? Fire, water, air, earth – find out and learn how to use the elements all in the same way.
  • Learn to change the weather and use this gift wisely.
  • Learn how to change the taste of water: sweet, salty, sour… from water to wine? Also this is possible.


Telekinesis: Move objects

  • Learn how to move objects and how force fields are working.
  • Learn how to move objects with the power of your mind.
  • Discover the “Sacred languages and names” – learn about your own sacred name.


Break the paradigm of time:

  • You will learn how to consciously create your future.
  • Find out what you will experience in the future and change it.
  • Learn how to bend the law of time.
  • Learn how instant manifestation works.
  • Look at YOUT „Divine Timing“. Discover your divine life plan and use it.


Kati Mekler is Theta Healing Master ThetaHealing Certificate of Science.

She helps other healers to built a successful healing-business and supports women to help find their true potential.

Kati is ThetaHealing Certificate of Science and gave over 3’080 erfolgreiche ThetaHealing coachings in the last 12 month and teached Theta Healing to more than 200 participants.

January 03 2020


Start: 03/01/2020 @ 10:00
End: 07/01/2020 @ 10:00
Cost: EUR1190


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Kati Mekler – ThetaHealing Certificate of Science
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