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Growing your relationship 2: You and God

ThetaHealing Class: You and God

Grow your relationship with creator. Learn how to easily work with the power of creation. Release your blockages.

From 2018 on, Vianna will teach and train this new class !

  • How good is your connection to creator?
  • Are you able to understand clearly, what god is whispering in your ear?
  • Do you sometimes confuse your ego with the voice of creation?
  • Or are you still not trusting creator fully?
  • Is he maybe not even talking to you? Or do you get stuck sometimes while communicating with god?
  • Discover the deep underlying beliefs that block your communication to creator and learn how to resolve and release them in a loving way.
  • We improve your relationship to creator.
  • It doesn’t matter what you do in ThetaHealing: The better you can connect to creator, the more you will get good results with what you do.
  • Trust. Basic trust. Security. Safety. A feeling of being supported.
  • Discover a completely new level for your work.




Kati Mekler is Theta Healing Master ThetaHealing Certificate of Science.

She helps other healers to built a successful healing-business and supports women to help find their true potential.

Kati is ThetaHealing Certificate of Science and gave over 2’080 erfolgreiche ThetaHealing coachings in the last 12 month and teached Theta Healing to more than 200 participants.


Start: 01/07/2020 @ 10:00
End: 02/07/2020 @ 17:00
Cost: € 449


Kati Mekler – ThetaHealing Certificate of Science
Website: Visit Organizer Website